One month to go!

In case you missed it – submissions for issue two have been opened and there is only one month left with submissions closing October 19.

The Morning Bell is an independently run literary magazine (if you had forgotten amidst blogs about cats and meth addicts) and in our opinion the best place to submit your writing to if you’re a budding writer.

Professional photo of the inside cover that I didn’t take just then.

And that’s the other thing – we only accept writers who are relatively unpublished as we want you to have a chance at building a portfolio for yourself without all those short story prize winners getting in the way of things.

Here at The Morning Bell we are looking for poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction and essays.

And we definitely have strict rules about what we don’t accept – which includes screenplays and novel extracts, but most importantly – paranormal romance.

Please. For the love of cats, no paranormal romance.

Now there are some little bits and pieces you should know about submitting (such as font, and what to include in your submission to us) and to save me repeating it all, how about you just click on this link here 

You too can feel the warm embrace of success and pride!

Know your editors. There is a handy little page here (with a rather amusing/embarrassing photo of myself with a pot plant) where you can learn a little bit about who is scrutinising (in the most cuddly way possible) your writing.

And of course, there are the blogs we post weekly which give a pretty good indication of what sparks our interest (and you can see who wrote them by looking on the left hand side of the articles).

Kezia and Lucas look at all the fiction and non-fiction, so you should address those emails to them. I (Melissa) look at the poetry, and I must say whenever there was an email addressed directly to me I felt all warm and fuzzy, and you want a warm and fuzzy editor.

So get submitting as there is only one month to go!

Helpful things: