Basically peeing myself

Well it seems we’ve been a bit all over the place, not only here at the Morning Bell, but in life generally, all because of the Queen’s birthday!

It has quite thrown me out, all day today I felt it was a Tuesday, and Wednesday I treated as though it was Thursday. But, the best feeling of all is that tomorrow is Friday!

With all this celebratory notion in the air, of weekends and public holidays, I am going on my own holiday quite soon as well.

Not alone, however, our ever-so-lovely Co-editor in Chief, Kezia Lubanszky, is joining me on a journey over the equator and onwards to Japan.

I have never travelled overseas before. Well, I have. But I was fourteen and fresh-faced, packed up onto a cruise ship with my family to discover the far away lands of New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

Cruises are like buying a ready-made sushi box. Neat, tidy, and some slight condensation which causes a weird smell amongst the decks.

So whilst I received a stamp in my passport, it wasn’t really travelling. You know? It wasn’t the kind of travelling you dream about at 18, fresh out of highschool and meeting long-haired strangers in bars.

And yes, even in 2014 it seems that long-haired strangers are still the ones who will enlighten your path.

Like Jesus, or Lachlan from Byron Bay.

So as a 22 year old feeling quite adult and somewhat grounded as a human being, I am stepping into the international departure lounge for the first time.

And as an inexperienced traveller, there are lots of ideas, and perhaps misconceptions, that I have about travelling.

And we’ve all be inexperienced travellers at one point in our lives.


If you’re my friend, then you know I have that slight anxious look in my eye when people ask me what bar we should go to, or the harassing text messages I send when they are slightly (hours) late to a meeting, so it is completely normal for me to be basically peeing my pants for the past 6 weeks thinking about going overseas.

Note: Yes, everyone get’s nervous about travelling and I’m not holding a monopoly on it, honestly.

Going to the toilet on the plane

I can say for certainty I have never gone to the bathroom on a mode of public transport. Never a coach, never a train, never a plane. In fact I stayed in a caravan not to recently and did not even pee in that.

So I have genuine concerns when I will be airborne for something like 15 hours.

But it’s the other passengers I am more concerned about. Waiting in a line down the plane isle, awkwardly leaning against the arm rest of a sleeping old woman, while a line of middle aged men wait for the bathroom and that inevitable stagnant bathroom stench is wafting down.

The utter horror.

Everything covered in fish flakes

I recently went out for Japanese food. And I love it, I could eat vegetable tempura and avocado sushi rolls for the rest of my life.

I am also a stout vegetarian, and Japan is kind of infamously known for eating animals that leads people into sea-borne guerilla warfare.

So while I was out for a delicious Japanese meal the other day, I couldn’t help but read that everything under the ‘vegetarian’ menu was also accompanied with fish flakes.

And yes there are a lot of people who for some reason unbeknownst to me think fish are not animals. In my personal vegetarian history, fish left a full 6 years before any other meat did.

I am not a seafood person.

I am extremely concerned I will starve. Or, eat tempura vegetables the entire time.

Not sure if complaining.


Drunk and partying all the time

I think the one thing I am most excited about is travelling with my home-girl Kezia. It is safe to say she has quickly become one of my best friends and we always have a bloody ridiculous time together.

I would share some stories but I am wondering about our professional profiles et cetera.

And I hope we have just as much of a raucous time in Japan.

My opinion of young adult overseas holidays is mainly based on Contiki tales. Tanned and dirty Dutch, Kiwi and Aussie 19 year olds doing shots in their hostel and embarrassing themselves beyond concern flirting with their travel guides.

And whilst I am not going to be with 20 strangers, we have already done research on the best nightclubs in Tokyo.

I feel a little guilty to have researched nightclubs more in favour of cultural experience like temples and memorials. But it’s all culture right? Sake and me will hopefully be good friends.

Cat cafes

I am, without a doubt, the most excited about going to a cat cafe.

I am also resolute that there must be hundreds of cat cafe’s. Every second shop, cats. Cute, fluffy. Tea. Hopefully coffee.

I will find my one true home.

In fact, I will get a visa, move to Japan and work in a cat cafe for the rest of my life.

What it will actually be like

For this section my dear readers, you shall have to wait until July.

Bon Voyage!

If you have any travel stories, travel woes or tips for Kezia and I in Japan, comment and let us know! Especially anonymously, we love anonymous messages.