The New, Improved Morning Bell


Welcome to the new, improved Morning Bell website. We’re now, going up in the world

I hope you like it, making a website is hard.¬†First piece of advice for writers on this new site: If you’re not making a basic blog-style site, hire someone else to do it.

So what is new about this site apart from its snazzy new look? Well, for starters you can read our previous issues for free right here¬†(and you’ll be able to buy physical copies quite soon).

You can also listen to all of our podcasts here, and there will be plenty more of them to come (we figured out how to do good podcasts over the internets, and it only took one aborted attempt).

And, of course, you can submit your pieces to us. But things are going to be different with submissions.

We are moving to a new format, where we post everything online then collect it all in an anthology.

So send in your short stories, non-fiction pieces or poems. And once we get them we will work with you to make them the best they can be.

We are going to edit your pieces, harsh(ish) but fair, so they are of the highest quality. It’s a step up from our old editing process, but we want to do better, and publish pieces everyone can be proud of.

So send away, to, there’s no time frame, e-mail us at any time.