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Please Stop Emotionally Investing in Beyonce

If there’s one point I want to make today it’s that I’m sick of celebrity idealization. You know, the whole Beyonce is a feminist queen superhero thing. I don’t quite get it myself, partially because I’m not sure what’s so…
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Emma Watson’s UN Speech was Used, Recycled Perfection

Like many feminists around the world, I’m still coming down from the high induced by Emma Watson’s speech at the UN. The newly-appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador spoke passionately about the need for gender equality, and the problems standing in…
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Celebgate is not a Scandal, but an act of Pure Misogyny

So ‘Celebgate’ happened.  On Monday, nude photos of 101 famous women were leaked online, causing a handful of different opinions to spout from various sources. Some have defended the victims, others have blamed them. But before stating my opinion, I…
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