Celebrate Mama Nature on Earth Day

You may have heard that April 22 marks the 44th Earth Day. Beginning in 1970, the annual event is widely accredited with launching the modern environmental movement. Each year, greenies across the globe raise awareness for Mama Earth through campaigns like the green economy and the canopy project.

But as vital as these issues are, it’s important to take the time to appreciate what we’ve got. The Earth is a wonderful thing, and worthy of appreciation. So I’m not going to tell you to go and rally for climate change, recycle more or plant any trees. As nice as that would be, let’s face the fact that you’re probably not going to do it anyway. Instead of being an annoying hippy, I’ve come up with some alternative Earth Day activities.

                                                                                         Give Mama Earth some love. 

Celebrate the Earth:

Not tree hugging style, but hey – if that’s what you’re into – don’t hold back. But seriously, it’s always nice to appreciate nature. Take a walk through a forest or have a picnic somewhere nice. Grab some friends and have a nice merlot at the local gardens. Do whatever you usually do, but outside.

Press flowers, feed some ducks, I don’t know.

Grow Stuff:

I know I said I wasn’t going to tell you to plant trees, and I’m totally not doing that. I’m just saying, growing things can be pretty cool. It’s easy enough to plant a couple of vegetables in the backyard. Or, you can grow some herbs inside. I have a pot of basil growing by the window that’s easy to look after and smells amazing.

Have an Earth Party

Okay, this is my personal favourite, and a bit of a combination of all my other ideas. Why not grab all your tree loving friends and have a party in honour of Mama Earth. Buy some organic alcohol (does it exist? Is alcohol organic anyway?), have some home grown snacks and chill outside in the wonders of nature, provided the weather is nice. Don’t forget them herbs, either.

Use Nature as Creative Inspiration:

Whether you’re a painter, drawer, writer or musician, nature can serve as a wonderful tool for creative inspiration. Take your easel outside and paint a landscape, or write a story or a song inspired by a particular place you like.

Okay, so maybe I went a little bit annoying hippy. But the point is, Earth day doesn’t just have to be about raising awareness for the negative impacts on the planet. It can be just as powerful to use the time to acknowledge the world that’s been around far longer than us, and will continue to be here long after we’re gone. Take some time to remember how much we rely on her, and just how beautiful and kind she can be.