Welcome to The Morning Bell 2: Welcome Harder

Hello, welcome to The Morning Bell. My name is Lucas and I have an anecdote for you, so sit down and listen.

Oh, you’re already sitting down? Of course. Onto the story.

Years ago, the Box Hill TAFE anthology, then known as Inkshed, was getting a name change. The publishing class that was running the show decided on Avant.

When pushed for a reason why Avant was chosen, Joe Ennis,

a man who ran with his humble TAFE diploma and went on to big things in the publishing world, said: ‘It’s French for before, like before we’re famous.’

Our former teacher (and all-round great guy) Euan Mitchell told that story and it has stuck with me ever since. That’s our M.O. at The Morning Bell – publish talented writers as they start their ascent to success.

Join us as we launch head first into the world of literary journals. While you wait for our debut issue to arrive, make sure to read our blog, which will be regularly updated with quality posts on a variety of topics.

And whatever dumb-arse ideas I want to explore.

I’m feeling a Nicolas Cage piece coming.


  1. pauline csuba

    Thanks for the history lesson Lucas.